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A Mother's Letter
Dear Son,
I'm afraid it's just as bad
as was reported -
that your Uncle Sven has been deported
for unspeakable crimes
with the neighbor's cat.
Also, you should know that
your fiance was found undressed
with your sister's boyfriend, Fred -
no one but the family knows.
I hope this letter finds you well.
Oh, I forgot to tell you
that your father has to sell
his gun collection
to make bail
for Uncle Tim,
whose chasing tail
will be the death of him.
And your sister, Alice,
has grown so thin.
We think it's all that heroin
they laced the Girl Scout cookies with
(it's just an urban myth
that they're a leftist group).
Your Auntie Kate has found a hobby -
collecting body parts in jars
(we hope they are not ours -
your brother has been missing
since last Wednesday.)
They had to have your cousin, Gwendolyn, committed.
She'd been appearing so dimwitted
lately at her job
and there was that messy little incident
involving her and the company president
(something about a prostitution ring in Mexico).
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 110 137
Mrs. Peacock tucks away a knife.
Miss Scarlet lingers in the parlour,
Chatting merrily to Mr. Plum,
As Mr. Green sits, chewing on his pipe.
And Colonel Mustard is cleaning his revolver,
Lingering over coffee in his room.
A sudden shot echoes in the room
Where Mrs. White is hiding with a knife.
Colonel Mustard empties the revolver
And puts the bullets in the parlour,
Startling Mr. Green who drops the pipe
And stumbles, reaching for a plum.
Miss Scarlet is in love with Mr. Plum
And slips away to await him in her room
Where she finds the butler, bludgeoned by a pipe;
And another body, bloodied by a knife
Is discovered in the parlour
And Colonel Mustard looks for his revolver.
There is no finding the revolver,
Shouts a flustered Mr. Plum
Who is searching through the parlour
While Miss Scarlet is waiting in her room
Wondering why there is a knife
And Mr. Green is extinguishing his pipe.
It's a heavy leaden pipe
And a missing pepper box revolver,
Or a blunt edged kitchen knife
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 72 80
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