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August 11, 2011
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Morgan le Fay by mari-na Morgan le Fay by mari-na

Morgan le Fay. Морган Ле Фей

одетая фея в туманы и звёзды
в пещеру свою одиноко бредёт
В холодных ночах Авалона уж поздно
но голос дракона призывно зовёт

Прийти, чтобы сердце немного согрелось
от страшного холода, сжавшего грудь
Уже не советы нужны - наболелось,
дестино своё не забыть, не вернуть

Всю боль девы брошенной Морган вместила
в палящую силу советов огня
кого полюбила душой - не простила
и чары и козни пустила, кляня

Теперь пепелище великого царства
и прах короля и паденье богов
вовек будут связаны цепью коварства
со жрицей туманного острова снов

Скажи же дракон на последок ей слово
отдай ей всю мудрость духовных речей
и пусть даже тьмы наказанье сурово
Согрей на мгновение Морган Ле Фей

in russian

... Of course this image a way slightly different from the traditional image of Morgana. But i wanted to present it this way: a tired, vulnerable, hopeless and lost its purpose after a long struggle...

Thanks so much to :iconcassanadra: for great helping and support with translation of this poem.:hug:
Certainly the English version is lost poetic rhyme and size (step), but now possible to understand the meaning of the poem

A fairy dressed in fog and stars
walked in her lonely cave
In Avalon nights so cold this late
But the dragon calls so urgently (insistently)

she come, because he can warm up a her heart
from terrible cold, that squeezed her chest
she already needed no advices
Her destiny cannot be forgotten and cannot be returned

All pain of abandoned Morgan, she has contained
in scorching power of the fire's advice
She could not forgive the man, who she loved with all her soul--
And she unleashed evil spell and intrigues, cursing him

Now the ashes of the legendary kingdom
and the dust of the king and the downfall gods
Will always be joined by the chains of insidiousness
With the priestess of the misty island of dreams

Dragon, tell for her your final word
Give her all wisdom of spiritual speeches
And even let darkness give severe punishment
you can warm up for a moment Morgan le Fay


~Galatea88 [link]
~XerStock [link]
~ThornErose-Stock [link]
~sadistik-stock [link]

all rest painted and own stuff

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